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Board of Directors

The Golden Valley Fire Relief Association is managed by a group of seven officers, which includes a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and two trustees (and an ex officio member, the Fire Chief). These roles cover many responsibilities including administrating the firefighters pension fund, coordinating several events throughout the year, and working with city staff on behalf of its members.

Board Members

Jeff Piper, President

As president of the Golden Valley Fire Relief Association, Jeff is responsible for general supervision of the association and board. He also facilitates board and general membership meetings, shows constant regard for and assurance that the best interest of the general membership is being served and promotes association camaraderie. Jeff has been with the Golden Valley Fire Department since 2013 and serves as a Lieutenant at Station Three. His wife, Emily, and their five children have been very involved with the GVFRA over the years. Jeff is a real-estate agent, and likes to play softball, do a lot of home improvements, and watch his kids play hockey, basketball, tennis and volleyball.

Josh Knudsen, Vice President

As the vice president of the Golden Valley Fire Relief Association, Josh is responsible for performing the duties of the president during absence, provide assistance as needed for execution of association activities, and organizes fundraising events, as well as public relations and social events for the organization. Josh has been with the Golden Valley Fire Department since 2017. When he’s not putting out fires, extricating people from cars and giving medical attention to Golden Valley citizens – Josh is spending time with his wife, Tiffany and son, Mason.

AC, Treasurer

As the Golden Valley Fire Relief Association treasurer, AC has many responsibilities that include managing, controlling and reporting on all cash flows in and out of the accounts of the association, reconciling and reporting on the association accounts, and assisting the president to inform and educate city officials on audit and financial positions. One of their most important duties is to keep and maintain records of current, deferred and retired firefighter’s pension calculations and distributions. AC has served the Golden Valley Fire Department since 2017. She enjoys being active in the outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and traveling with her husband.

Matt Preston, Secretary

As secretary of the Golden Valley Fire Relief Association, Matt Preston is responsible for publish notices of meetings of the association, maintain all necessary association records and rosters, and develop and assist with conducting association orientation for new members. Matt has been on the Golden Valley Fire Department for nearly 20 years. Along with his dedication to the GVFRA, Matt is the Captain at fire station two in Golden Valley and his full-time job is a software engineer. He is supported by his wife and two children.

Nic Jester, Trustee

Nic serves as one of two trustees for the Golden Valley Fire Relief Association. A trustee’s responsibilities include assisting board members in their duties when requested, assisting in the development of association operational processes, and learning the roles of other board officers with the intention of achieving higher office. Nic is a full-time firefighter with the City of Minneapolis, EMS educator with Hennepin Healthcare, and a recovering financial services expert. He and his wife, Noel, are proud parents of six children. He enjoys spending time traveling, hunting, and fishing with his family.

Casey Johnson, Trustee

Casey serves as our second trustee and is a firefighter at Station 3. Casey is a talented woodworker and carpenter (who can fix just about anything!) and is an avid mountain biker who enjoys spending time with his wife, Lacey, and their four children (His youngest, Hazel, took this photo and it won a Peoples Choice Award for GV’s views of the valley contest!) If you don’t see Casey biking the trails at Theo Wirth he’s probably at a fire call or on a duty crew shift, leading by example.