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Old Number One

Old Number One is a 1923 Oshkosh four-wheel drive originally purchased (used) from Flour City Company for $400 in 1943. Eventually, Old Number One became too old to use and was sold in 1967 for $700 to a collector in Wauwatosa, WI. For Jim Murphy, assistant fire chief at the time, regaining the fire truck became a personal challenge. It took several years for him to locate the old truck, and when he did, the current owners did not want to sell.

George Erickson, the fire marshal at the time, mentioned the story of the old fire truck to Jim Lupient, owner of the Lupient Auto Dealerships, who said he would donate $3,000 to obtain the truck for Golden Valley. Thus, Murphy successfully negotiated the price.

After the truck was brought back to the city, employees of Lupient and retired and active firefighters restored it mechanically and reestablished it to it’s original fire truck form. Since 1983, Old Number One is used for community events in multiple surrounding cities and is a source of pride for the Golden Valley Fire Relief Association.