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Over the last several years, we’ve spotlighted former firefighters as a way of connecting present firefighters to the past. It’s become a valuable way for Golden Valley firefighters to hear the stories of these brave people who served in years past and experience similar challenges that are faced today. Read below about this years spotlighted firefighter and just a few great stories from the Golden Valley Fire Department’s past.

Roger McCabe
Roger McCabe, the unofficial historian and comedian of the Golden Valley Fire Department, served the fire service for over 27 years. Spanning a career from 1977 to 2004, Roger accomplished many things ranging from helping to restore Old Number One to being one of the few to work for the City of Golden Valley (inspector) while serving on the fire department.

Roger grew up in Golden Valley and remembers riding Old Number One as a kid. He is a proud member of the Golden Valley High School Wrecking Crew – a group of several firefighters who attended the school and went on the to serve the department at fire station two on Laurel Ave. Roger has more “war stories” than you can imagine and we were treated to three specifically at this year’s recognition dinner including the Minneapolis Grain Elevator Fire, the Labelle’s Fire at Ridgedale, and the Point Liquor Store Fire where the Post Office is now.

Roger lives in St. Louis Park with his wife, Kim. They have raised three children (Robert, Mark, Molly). When not still working for the City of Golden Valley, Roger spends time at the cabin in Mora with Kim, enjoys hunting big-game and fishing, and invests a lot of time with the Boy Scouts of America.